Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No longer afraid of Neck Adjustments!

After an auto accident earlier this year I was having bad headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.  I was waking up every single day with headaches.  My daughter suggested I see her chiropractor Dr. Sam Yoder.  I was afraid of chiropractors, specifically, I was afraid of neck adjustments.  But that changed when I saw Dr. Sam!  If I had a headache it would always stop after getting a chiropractic adjustment.  Now I only get a headache once in a while, and it doesn't last long.  Plus, my muscles ache less and my back feels so much better!  I thank God for Dr. Yoder.  It's been a blessing having Dr. Yoder treat me for my pain.  I would recommend anyone to go see Dr. Yoder.  He's a great chiropractor!

Campbellsville, KY

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