Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No longer afraid of Neck Adjustments!

After an auto accident earlier this year I was having bad headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.  I was waking up every single day with headaches.  My daughter suggested I see her chiropractor Dr. Sam Yoder.  I was afraid of chiropractors, specifically, I was afraid of neck adjustments.  But that changed when I saw Dr. Sam!  If I had a headache it would always stop after getting a chiropractic adjustment.  Now I only get a headache once in a while, and it doesn't last long.  Plus, my muscles ache less and my back feels so much better!  I thank God for Dr. Yoder.  It's been a blessing having Dr. Yoder treat me for my pain.  I would recommend anyone to go see Dr. Yoder.  He's a great chiropractor!

Campbellsville, KY

Friday, August 2, 2013

No to Narcotics / Yes to Chiropractic

         I had lower back pain – VERY severe lower back pain.  It was occurring daily, for 5-6 months.  My doctor tried 3 different pain medications to help me.  Eventually she prescribed a course of narcotics trying to help me. Instead of helping it only turned me into a zombie.  Actually, the pain was getting worse.  My brother-in-law told me that a chiropractor, Dr. Sam Yoder, had helped him.  I hadn’t been to any chiropractors in Campbellsville in years.  I saw Dr. Yoder only 4 times and now I am completely better - 100% normal again.  After 5 months of pain I'm better in 10 days.  I’m taking a couple of things away from this experience:  
1.) it is very important to myself to not ignore my back pain and let it get this bad again. 
2.) Pain medication doesn’t solve the problem, it just covers up the problem.  
I’m VERY grateful Dr. Yoder was able to help me.

Campbellsville, KY

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I can now run 3 miles without knee pain

         For years my left knee hurt with any sort of squatting or physical exercise.  I'm pretty sure it was due to basketball injuries in the past.  The pain had been with me about 8 years.  I had tried home stretches and pain pills – to no avail.  One of my co-workers suggested I try chiropractor Dr. Sam Yoder.  I’ve just completed my 4th visit – it’s incredible really.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the kind of treatment he gave – usually a chiropractor just pops you this way and that.  He actually worked with my knee, worked on the muscles around my knee, showed me correct stretches for the problem area, and he adjusted my knee.  Finally, after 8 years of discomfort, I can now work all day on my feet without hurting.  Just yesterday, before my final visit, I ran 3 miles to test it out.  No knee pain whatsoever.  I appreciate Dr. Sam’s hard work and for helping me get rid of my problem.  Now I can run and play sports pain-free!

Campbellsville, KY

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad case of Low Back Pain

         I had a bad case of low back pain all down into my legs for nearly a month.  I work at a saw-mill and it’s hard work and my pain was only getting worse.  A friend of mine had been to see Dr. Sam Yoder and practically guaranteed he’d be able to help me.  I don’t like doctors, and have only been to chiropractors once or twice, but because I wasn’t getting any better I finally decided to go.  Right away I began to notice a difference.  I went in about 3 times in the span of 10 days and I was 100% better.  I definitely recommend Dr. Yoder.

Campbellsville, KY

Monday, June 3, 2013

My 'Psychotic' Nerve Pain!

         I’ve had terrible sciatica for too long – at least 5 years.  It’s gotten so bad that my husband and I have dubbed it my “psychotic” nerve pain – and in many ways we weren’t joking.  It made me so desperate I tried anything and everything you can think of.  I tried medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapy, alternative home care like salon patches, salon spray, horse liniment, beagle oil.  You name it, I tried it.  But I couldn’t get relief.  My husband recommended I see one more chiropractor - Dr. Sam Yoder. I figured it was worth a shot. 

         After the first treatment I almost couldn’t believe it!  My husband and I left his office and for the first time in a long time we went to the peddler’s mall and I walked around as much as I wanted - telling everyone I saw how good I felt!  Not only has Dr. Yoder helped my sciatic nerve pain, in some ways he’s helped my marriage, as odd as that may sound – because I’m happier with less pain and able to get out more with my husband.  Also, now I’m not afraid to go out as often, because I know if I start hurting really bad I can swing by and see him.  I can honestly say that Dr. Sam Yoder is the only one who has helped me, and I appreciate it so much!

Greensburg, KY

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A year of hip pain much better

         I had a lot of pain in my left hip.  I could not rest at night, going walking was not easy, and I didn’t enjoy riding in a car because of the pain.  This had been bothering me for over a year and it kept getting worse until I could no longer deal with it.  I heard about chiropractor Dr. Sam Yoder and so I sent him an email about my problem.  He and I traded a few emails and he encouraged me to try chiropractic care.  With his help I can now go walking, ride in a car and overall I am enjoying life again.  The pain is almost gone.  Dr. Yoder’s chiropractic care has helped me be able to do things again that I wasn’t able to do for over a year.  I want to thank Dr. Yoder for his service and his help for this problem.

Campbellsville, KY 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I was afraid of Chiropractors

         I have had pain in my lower back for over 2 years.  During that time I’ve routinely received steroid shots and medication from my medical doctor to relieve the pain.  Those things would help but I would still be in pain, especially after work.  Often I would go home after work and have to lie down and I couldn’t spend time with my family like I wanted.  I had never been to see a chiropractor because, honestly, I was afraid it would make me hurt more.  A good friend insisted I go in to see Dr. Sam Yoder, she said he was a different kind of chiropractor.  I finally tried it and after a couple of weeks my back felt better than it had in years!  Now I love going to their office.  They are very friendly and personable and Dr. Yoder is very gentle.

Campbellsville, KY

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Years of Knee Pain getting better

         I am a former high-school athlete and have been active most of my life.  I still run and enjoy the occasional pick-up game with my friends.   But for 7 years I've suffered from knee pain, Osgood Schlatters, and a possible medial meniscus tear.  I went to see chiropractor Dr. Sam Yoder and he treated my knee with myofascial release, stretches, exercises, and adjustments.  He was able to lower the pain intensity and lower the pain duration within just 3 visits.  In the past, if I was squatting at work, I often had to hold on to something in order to raise myself back up due to pain and weakness.  Now I can just stand right back up.   Dr. Yoder is thorough and knowledgeable in his exam and his staff are great.  I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.

Campbellsville, KY

Monday, February 18, 2013

Faster running times!

         I’m a runner and I’ve had complete running inefficiency my whole career due to tightness in my right hip.  I tried lots of home interventions on myself, but nothing ever worked.  I came in to see Dr. Sam Yoder and honestly, he had real answers!  He loosened my hip, broke up all the scar tissue and got me on a strengthening exercise program which showed immediate results.  My running is 100% different now!  I have a new hip and new running form which has helped me run faster times.  I’m thankful that Dr. Yoder cares about what I care about  (my running) and not just about addressing symptoms but about eliminating the problem.

Campbellsville University Athlete

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dizziness, Headaches, Neck Pain, & Low Back Pain much better!

         I had been experiencing severe lower back and neck pain along with migraines accompanied by dizziness. I had started having these issues about 6 months ago due to a car accident. Dr. Sam Yoder provided me with therapies and adjustments that specifically targeted where I was in pain and he also referred me to a neurologist who helped me with my other symptoms. I began having less frequent back and neck pain and less severe headaches. I am so thankful for the compassionate care that I received from Dr. Yoder. I would not be doing as well as I am if it were not for the treatment and assistance Dr. Sam Yoder provided.

Campbellsville University

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The best I've found!

I went in to see Dr. Sam Yoder because of a combination of tension in my neck and upper back with hip pain and sciatic nerve pain.  I have had trouble with this off and on for about 5 years.  I have visited other chiropractors since it started but nothing seemed to solve the issues.  Dr. Sam took time to listen and understand my problem areas and he set an adjustment plan that helped.  After just a few visits my neck and back were loose and my hip and sciatic nerve pain completely stopped.  I would recommend Dr. Sam Yoder to everyone!  He’s the best chiropractor that I’ve ever been to and I’m very thankful to have him adjusting me!